Caring Advice


Our Foulards Skirts

Are made from silk scarves. Silk fibers are fragile, to take care of your piece and keep it as long as possible, we recommend two solutions.

Have it professionally cleaned.

Or wash it in cold water, with a bit of shampoo. Without crumpling, soak for fifteen minutes. Rinse with cold water, with a pinch of lemon juice to brighten up the colors and always without wrinkling. 

Without wringing, dry the skirt flat on a terry towel.

Iron your skirt when the silk is still slightly damp. Set your iron on "silk", without steam. Iron on the wrong side of your skirt.

The shirts

Are cotton or polycotton, machine washable at 30 ° C with similar colors. 

Prefer drying in the open air and not in the dryer.